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Soul Wheels 2 year Warranty

All Soul wheels carry a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.


Year 1: Any fault is covered and the warranty is not limited to manufacturing issues. This means that consumable items such as bearings and spokes are also covered under fair wear and tear conditions.


Year 2: This covers manufacturing faults only and does NOT cover consumbales such as bearings or spokes.


Any warranty claim during this two year period that has been arisen from misuse (i.e. cross thread on the free hub body) will not we covered by the warranty. However the repair can be quoted for and will be carried out by the local Soul Service Centre.





Soul Wheels Crash Replacement

Whilst Soul do not officially offer a crash replaement policy RaceWare Direct have teamed up with the UK importers ASD to offer this service.


As bike racers we understand that crashes do happen and subsequent damage can often be costly. So we have decided to offer a replacement service in the event of crash damage occuring. The exact price for a replacement will vary depending upon the model but they will be charged at import cost + shipping. Exact prices can be given upon request.