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By martynfharris, Feb 24 2012 10:57PM

RaceWare direct is pleased to announce the launch of a custom range of bike products. Our first product is a custom bottle cage made using 3D printing, the initial testing phase is now almost complete and the final products will available online very soon. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

By martynfharris, Feb 12 2012 07:37PM

Some of you may have seen or at least heard of 3D printing, if not a quick google search will soon bring you up to speed.Having been a rapid prototyping engineer for the past 12 years I have constantly been looking for someway of bringing this to the cycling world. It is with great excitement that i can now introduce this technology to the RaceWare Direct site with the production of bottle cages made from SLS Nylon. These cages will be available as a standard of the shelf item in a wide range of colours or for a little more money a fully customised cage will be offered. The custom cage can carry text in the form of your name, team, sponsor, or all three. If correct files are supplied you can even have your team logo included. I will publish some 3D images of examples onto the site very soon.

By martynfharris, Feb 12 2012 07:32PM

The site has proved a success already which has enabled us to stock a few new lines in the near future, as such we have decided to change the name to RaceWare Direct, same site, same wheels, new name.

By martynfharris, Feb 12 2012 07:30PM

Welcome to the first post of the blog, it has been just a few weeks since the site was launched and the first pair of wheels have been sold, raced and crashed, not such a fine start but a testament to the wheels that they suffered little damege.

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